The Protector

Orc High Warpriest of Vulcan


This Orc stands approximately 7 feet tall. He wears Field plate, and strapped on his back is a large Byeshk bastard sword. His right arm, from below his elbow , appears to be made completely of the finest steel, and around his neck hangs the holy symbol of Vulcan on a gold chain. His face is worn and scarred, but still seems to cast a respectful gaze.
s-l1000.jpg ~Holy Symbol of Vulcan


Ront Bloodsnarl has been the Protector of Sanctuary for over 20 years. The High Warpriest of Vulcan, his prowess as a Blade Master and his valor in battle have no equal. During the Duergar Uprising he made his name: rising from the ranks of a novice swordsman in the service of Vulcan to the General of Sanctuaries military forces. Ront is also a master Blacksmith: forging some of the finest blades ever created. Ronts’ right arm, from below his elbow down, is made of completely of Steel. Only High Clerics in the service of Vulcan may be granted this boon, the Hand of Metalliferous. Today he still commands the Garrison. Although after the war the troops see little actual combat, Ront still drills them to make sure they are ready for war at a moment’s notice.

The Protector

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