Hunted to near extinction, Demi-Humans looked far and wide for somewhere to hide and recuperate. Strix scouts managed to find The Sanguine Vertex and report back on it’s location. The Druids of Slag were able to determine that the volcano had been extinct for many thousands of years, and preparations were made to make a home there.


It took nearly two centuries for Sanctuary to be incorporated. Magic and muscle carved out the city under the volcano. The Druids of Slag were able to use their ability to manipulate earth and widened the cone of the volcano. At the bottom of the cone lay fertile soil that the Druids of Wezra cultivated with magic and knowledge turning the land into a massive farm and Druid Grove.


Today Sanctuary is a metropolis and home city of all the Demi-Human races that were almost wiped off the face of the planet. The Strix maintain their own community, a massive city cut into the inside wall of the volcano. Their scouts patrol the area around the volcano, watching and waiting for humanity to strike again.

Total Population: 145,670

  • Dwarf 25%
  • Elf 21%
  • Orc 15%
  • Halfling 12%
  • Goblin 5%
  • Catfolk 5%
  • Suli 5%
  • Strix 3%
  • Other 9%





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