Xeutania is the the planet where Demi-Humans and Humans reside. It is a temperate planet with vast oceans and a large Pangaea-like land mass. Mountains, forests, swamps, jungles and deserts occupy the landscape. The days last a total of 24 hours, the weeks are 5 days long, there are 10 months each consisting of thirty days and the year lasts 300 days. Two moons orbit Xeutania, El-Adrel and Moxol respectively. El-Adrel appears as a forest like moon and has a lunar cycle of 100 days. Moxol appears as a purple planet possibly consisting of some sort of gas and has a lunar cycle of 30 days. Xeutania also possesses a planetary ring with a slate-like colorization.

Current Year: 587 FS

Months: Winam, Haniel, Seram, Peniel, Ikhael, Hielaph, Strax, Undah, Vult, Zarantyr

Days: Anarya, Elenya, Oranya, Valanya, Zalanya

Purpmoon.png ~Moxol

ElMoon.jpg ~El-Adrel



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