Theurge Morthos

Tiefling Mystic Theurge of Bestas


This Tiefling stands about five feet tall. He wears the Robes of the Mystic and hanging on his right side is a Blessed Book of Bestas. His eyes look like pits of fire, and demonic-like horns jut from his head. His cape furls, as if caught in a breeze as he stands on cloven hooves..


Morthos is a very mysterious figure in Sanctuary. Little is known about his past, other than he was originally born in the Drow city-state of Pedestal and at some point relocated to Sanctuary. He is a master of the Arcane and Divine magics and has mastered the art of Runecarving. It is rumored that Morthos is immortal as he has lived in Sanctuary for over 200 years and has been the high cleric of Bestas for more than 100 years.


Theurge Morthos

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