The Duergar Uprising


For Millennia the Drow city-states and the Duergar had their skirmishes. Pedestal always had taken the brunt of the dark Dwarven forces since it is on the edge of the frontier. War was never officially declared between the Duergar and Drow, and things stayed like this for hundreds of years. Sanctuary was founded and the former surface dwellers struck up trade deals with the Drow of Pedestal. When the Duergar discovered the Drow were “allying” with these “Invaders of the Underdark”, many of them some sort of Dwarven Albinos, it infuriated them. The dark Dwarves began to strengthen their Army and Navy. They sent Spymasters to Pedestal and Sanctuary. People would sometimes disappear in the shadows late at night in these cities, never to be heard from again. They spent centuries planning and waiting for the perfect time to strike. The time finally came and on Anarya, the first day of Winam 500FS the Duergar started their campaign.

The Duergar commanded their Spymasters to assassinate some important individuals before launching their full scale attack. They managed to successfully assassinate Drow Admiral Rilynath and Drow General Hune in Pedestal. In Sanctuary they attempted assassinations on Theurge Morthos and Protector Flaskheart. This secret first strike would leave the Drow Army and Navy severely hindered, and the Demi-Human forces would also suffer without the usual leadership, or at least that’s what the Duergar thought would happen. Luckily The Shadows of Sanctuary managed to undercover the identities of these Spymasters in Sanctuary and stop these would be murderers before they carried out their plan.

With the crippling of the Drow military leadership, the Duergar launched a massive offensive. They attacked Pedestal almost to the second after the Drow military commanders were murdered. Their navy bombarded the Drow port city, crippling or destroying many of the Drow ships that were anchored in the port. After breaching the outer wall, the Duergar landed their troops. Many of these Dwarfs possessed Psionic powers. The fighting was brutal and bloody.
The Drow managed to get word to Sanctuary through magical means. Using The Shadow Portal, the forces of Sanctuary were able to assist the Drow. With their sheer numbers they helped the Drow drive back the dark Dwarves from the city. Strix special forces managed to harass the Dwarven Navy as well with their “airborne superiority”. The Duergar had no choice but to pull back their forces.
The war lasted for 75 years. There were many bloody battles, but the Drow/Demi-Human alliance eventually drove these Dwarves back to their dark depths. The last 12 years have been relatively quiet with only a few minor skirmishes.

The Duergar Uprising

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